Private secure wireless for your Mine

Seashore's Private 5G LAN for Mining

Connectivity will be the cornerstone for digitization at mines. Cellular technology will be key in providing reliable and secure connectivity across large acres of operations.

Seashore offers a private cellular network that has the most potential to transform mining operations by automating more processes, for example remote operations like autonomous haulers and drill rigs, plus the ability to monitor and automate heavy fixed assets.This can potentially solve the mining industry’s ongoing challenges by helping to raise safety, reduce environmental impact, while still helping raise overall productivity.


A mine when spread over multiple hectares of land and underground warrants an efficient and safe operation. Mining operations that are able to get the rhythm of operations orchestrated well can relate to differentiated outcomes such as - high yield, ROI and safety. Whether it is ensuring autonomous operations or preventing downtimes via predictive maintenance, a reliable connectivity is key to tackling these issues.

Large areas to cover and connect multiple devices, sensors enabling digitization and improved yield
Need for a secure and reliable network that can scale up or down based on demand
Unable to change network configurations to allow addition of new digital IoTs and use cases
Lack of autonomy to control the digital environment and rigid proprietary systems

use case

Automated RTG Cranes
Increased productivity and safety metrics

Remotely controlled Ship-to-Shore Quay side cranes
Enable cameras and other telemetry sensors across vast spaces with minimal latency

Cellular connected AGVs
Autonomous pick and placement that brings unparalleled efficiency to ports

Condition monitoring
To ensure timely predictive maintenance and reducing downtimes. Reduced downtimes lead to faster turnarounds and increased handling capacity for the port. Predictive maintenance can improve safety conditions too.

Drones for surveillance and deliveries
Improved safety and security for the facility where millions of worth of goods are present. In addition, advanced operations of deliveries could be executed on the same network

Increased productivity and safety metrics

Autonomous Vehicles
Provide quick response time network with low latency to create a productive and safe environment

Real-time condition monitoring
Prevent downtimes as all machinery alerts their state. Plus, the connections to sensors also inform about the soil-surface conditions

Remote Controlled Drill-Rigs
Increase productivity with real time management of drill rigs from a remote location

Unmanned Drone Inspections
Improve safety and security plus improve predictability of project cash flows via drone monitoring in a private secure network

Smart Ventilation Control (Underground)
Improve the safety when mining underground by wirelessly managing ventilation control in a cable-free environment, where space is limited

Mining iots




Private bubble of wireless 5G LAN that is secure. Take back control on your digitization journey with full autonomy.

Large coverage zone


Create coverage zones to your liking from as short as 10m radius to ones running into many square miles

Connect to many devices


Connect 1000s of sensors and devices with reliability.
Do not be limited to just 20 or 30 things connected onto the network.



Enjoy the reliability of cellular grade network and its quality of service (QoS) of multiple nines.



Do not face downtimes due to hardware driven changes. Ensure 24x7 productivity



Our systems are frequency independent to work across different local regulations when needed. Removes dependencies.



The experienced network architects and designers at Seashore work with efficient Software algorithm teams to bring maximum value for each invested dollar



And all of this delivered as a full turn key packaged solution to the digital environment - Installation, Operation and Upkeep.

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Connect thousands of devices and machines with the low latency and high bandwidth of a private 5G network.

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Scale your network capacity on demand or add devices with a few clicks, and pay only for the capacity and throughput you use.

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